• Introduction and organizational units
  • Maintain controlling area
  • Maintain number ranges for controlling area documents
  • Maintain versions
  • Account assignment logic
  • Follow up postings

Cost element accounting

  • Creation of primary cost element
  • Automatic creation of cost element
  • Reconciliation ledger

Cost center accounting

  • Introduction
  • Creation of cost center categories
  • Creation of cost center master record
  • Cost center planning
  • Default assignment v/s automatic assignment
  • Cost center reports
  • Activity type master data
  • Direct activity allocation
  • Manual reposting of costs and line items
  • Statistical key figures
  • Period end closing activities in cost center accounting
  • Accrual calculations
  • Overhead calculations in cost center accounting

Internal orders

  • Internal orders introduction
  • Define order types
  • Define order master data
  • Activate budget commitments messages
  • Budgeting internal orders
  • Calculation interest on capital tied over in internal orders
  • Period end closing
  • Settlement of internal orders to cos
  • center/other objects
  • External settlement
  • Settlement of AUC to internal orders
  • End user activities and reports

Product costing

  • Introduction
  • Determination of cost of goods sold
  • Define work centers
  • Define bill of material
  • Define routings
  • Define over head key
  • Define over head group
  • Define costing sheet
  • Define cost component structures
  • Cost estimation with quantity structure
  • Cost estimation without quantity structure

Profitability Analysis COPA

  • Introduction
  • Maintain cooperating concern
  • Maintain characteristic groups
  • Define number ranges for actual data
  • Maintain PA structure for direct postings
  • Define profitability analysis report

Profit center accounting

  • Introduction-profit center accounting
  • Maintain controlling area settings
  • Define dummy profit centers
  • Maintain plan versions
  • Create profit centers
  • Assignment of profit centers
  • Document types for actual posting; number ranges
  • Maintain automatic assignment of revenue elements
  • Posting of various sale orders and expenditure & reports

Activity based costing

  • Introduction-activity based costing
  • Create standard hierarchy for activity based costing
  • Define attributes for activity based costing
  • Define business process master record
  • Business processes planning
  • Maintain plan: delta versions
  • Post the plan data
  • Reposting of data and period end closing activities
  • Posting of actual data