In any organization, talent acquisition is one of the essential HR activities. Recruiting and Onboarding the right candidate significantly affects business execution. SAP SuccessFactors recruiting and onboarding solutions provide the organization with the best experience through embedded engagement and automation to simplify each step of the talent acquisition process. Our SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and Onboarding training helps trainees to gain complete knowledge of recruiting and onboarding roles and processes.


SAP SuccessFactors recruiting modules enables you to the source, engage, recruit the best talent and manage them in an organization. It enables you to attract, select and hire the excellent candidate according to the organization’s requirements and measure the business outcomes. It allows you to focus primarily on the recruiting process and selecting the best candidates. SAP SuccessFactors onboarding solution enables you to manage new recruiters from the beginning. With the help of this module, you can deliver an excellent and improved set of onboarding activities.

Job Outlook:


After the completion of the course, Trainee will be able to:

  1. Setup the recruiting system
  2. Manage the recruiting process
  3. Comprehend the usage of recruiting agencies and recruiting reports
  4. Configure the system using the admin tools and recruiting email templates
  5. Traverse the Onboarding module.
  6. Comprehend manage and assign security to users
  7. Create and maintain keys within the Data dictionary
  8. Configure the hiring manager activities.
  9. Configure and manage panels and maintain the Employee portal
  10. Know how to configure and associate Pick lists to fields in Onboarding


  1. Candidate should have completed the basic course of SAP SuccessFactors before starting the SAP SuccessFactors onboarding and recruiting training.

Who should attend this Training?

This course is suitable for:

  1. System administrators who are responsible for onboarding for new employees.
  2. System administrators who are responsible for implementing a recruitment strategy
  3. SAP-HR, SAP-ABAP [HR], SAP HR [Functional], PeopleSoft, Workday HCM Consultant
  4. HR Domain experienced professionals
  5. Reporting Analysts from any technology
  1.  Introduction to Recruiting and Initial setup
  2.  Recruiting Provisioning Settings
  3.  Recruiting Templates and settings
  1.  JRDM – Job Requisition Template
  2.  CDM – Candidate Application Template
  3.  CPT – Candidate Profile Template
  4.  Offer Template
  1.  Managing Candidates
  2.  Manage Recruiting Settings
  3.  Configure initial settings in Admin Tools
  4.  Rules in Recruiting
  5.  Applicant Status
  1.  Candidate Profile
  2.  Application
  3.  Interview Central
  4.  Interview Scheduling
  1.  Requisition
  2.  Employee Referral
  3.  Offer Approval & Offer Letters
  4.  Recruiting Home page tiles
  1.  Hire & Onboard
  2.  Form Templates
  3.  Route Map
  4.  Managing Recruiting Posting
  5.  Admin Center for Recruiting
  1.  Agency
  2.  Career Portal
  3.  Legacy Data Migration
  4.  Reporting
  5.  External Third Party Integrations
  1.  Data Privacy Consent Statement
  2.  Data Retention Management in Recruiting Management
  3.  Intelligent Services
  4.  Integration Center and Recruiting Management
  1.  Onboarding 2.0 functionalities
  2.  0.1 Onboarding Resources
  3.  0.2 Enable Features in Provisioning
  4.  0.3 Onboarding 2.0 components
  5.  0.4 Homepage V3 Tile group
  6.  0.5 Data model for the Onboarding process Implementation Process
  1.  1.1 Activate Features in Super Admin
  2.  1.2 Web Services
  3.  1.3 Test Onboarding Process
  4.  1.4 Complete Hiring Manager Activities
  5.  1.5 New Hire Completes Paperwork in SF HCM
  6.  1.6 Metadata Framework
  7.  1.7 Manage Business Configuration
  1.  2.1 Set up Role Based Permissions
  2.  2.2 Create Reports and Run Sync Jobs

 Business Configuration and Administration

  1.  3.1 Corporate Structure
  2.  3.2 Security Administration
  3.  3.3 Data Dictionary
  4.  3.4 Picklists
  5.  3.5 PDF Forms
  6.  3.6 Panel Designer
  7.  3.7 Notifications
  1.  4.1 Configure Hiring Manager Activities

Onboarding Integration 

  1.  5.1 RCM Integration Configuration
  2.  5.2 Initiate Onboarding from Recruiting

Mobile Onboarding settings


Cross boarding

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