SAP SD Course (Sales & Distribution) is a module which covers all topics related to Sales, Order and Distribution processing. Some of its main components are : Sales, Sales support, Shipping, Billing, sales order & logistics information systems. Eminent IT Solution are one of the leading SAP Training Institute which trains their student by pushing them to learn and be a master of SAP.

The SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) course covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to SAP and SAP SD: Overview of SAP software and SAP SD module, and their importance in business processes.
  2. Enterprise Structure: Defining and setting up organizational units in SAP SD, such as company code, sales organization, distribution channel, and division.
  3. Master Data: Creating and managing master data such as customer master, material master, and pricing master in SAP SD.
  4. Sales Order Processing: Creating and processing sales orders in SAP SD, including order types, item categories, pricing, and delivery.
  5. Shipping and Transportation: Processing outbound deliveries, packing, transportation planning, and shipment cost calculation in SAP SD.
  6. Billing and Invoicing: Creating invoices and credit memos, handling billing documents, and managing payment procedures in SAP SD.
  7. Sales Support: Using SAP SD to support sales activities, such as sales analysis, sales forecasting, and sales reporting.
  8. Credit Management: Setting up and managing credit limits, credit checks, and payment terms in SAP SD.
  9. Integration with Other SAP Modules: Understanding how SAP SD integrates with other SAP modules such as MM (Materials Management), FI (Financial Accounting), and PP (Production Planning).
  10. Advanced Topics: Advanced topics in SAP SD, including special processes such as consignment, intercompany sales, and third-party processing, as well as system configuration and customization.

IN SAP SD Modules there are two job profiles :

1. SAP END USER – A person who put daily basis transaction into the system like creating bills, sales orders etc.

2. SAP SD CONSULTANT – A PERSON DEVELOP SAP SD SYSTEM FOR End user or organisation according to there business requirements.

SAP SD is being widely used in organizations to track pre-sales, sales and post – sales transactions, to define the sales, order and distribution processes and manage the repository to store information related to these functions effectively. Eminent IT Solution provides SAP SD Certification which is globally recognised and help you with Placement Assistance. We are here to sharpen your skills of SAP with Our SAP SD Course.


Who can attend SAP SD Training?

  • Business knowledge in the area of sales and distribution
  • 1-2 years domain experience in sales and distribution is preferred
  • Any graduate or post graduate
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Responsibilities of SAP SD Consultant
  • SD Consultant is responsible for following activities:
  • Understand Business processes from Sales, Delivery & Invoicing department perspective.

Map customer business processes Requirements in SAP.

  •  Integrate SD module with other functional areas like production planning (PP), Materials management(MM), quality management   (QM), Warehouse Management (WM), Extended warehouse management (EWM),

    APO etc.

  •  Design/enhance operational and analytical reports for customer.
  •  Train users for using SAP system.

What is future of SD Consultant?

  • Transform your career to become SAP SD consultant
  • SD consultant has vertical growth opportunities by elevating as team lead, Functional Lead, Project Manager, Program manager etc


  • Any candidate take SAP SD COURSE ONLINE as well.
  • Can also cross train himself into advanced modules like SAP S/4HANA – Sales, SAP Sales Cloud as well as cross functional modules like MM AND FICO etc.

The Future of SAP SD looks promising, as businesses increasingly adopt SAP software solutions to improve their sales and distribution processes. With a focus on cloud-based solutions, integration with other SAP modules, and improved user experience, SAP SD is poised to play an important role in the future of enterprise software.